Our Mission

Survivor Resources is dedicated to helping people navigate the complex maze of legal and financial paperwork once someone has died. 

Our Vision

To remove as much stress and anxiety as possible from this task of wrapping up someone's life. We do this by removing the unknown by charting out a path for you with helpful tips, links to key resources, and step-by-step guidance.

How We Work

Survivor Resources has created the Survivor's Guide, a comprehensive checklist that outlines all the things that typically need to be addressed when someone dies, such as planning the funeral, settling their estate, shutting down/memorializing their social media. In this way we hope to eliminate the stress and time you need to spend searching the web to piece together information. It's your one stop shop for what you need to do. Think of us as that practical friend who's been through it before and can guide you through the details.

Our Logo

We chose the lighthouse as it represents hope in darkness and a guide in turbulent times. We are committed to helping you navigate post-death logistics so you can rest knowing you handled everything you needed to.


In honor of Jen's sister 3% of the proceeds from each guide will be donated to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.