Do It Yourself - $49

Best for those who want to get started right away.

  • Survivor’s Guide and Checklist (30+ pages of resources)

  • Save yourself 40+ hours of searching

  • Glossary of key terms

  • Resource list

  • 24/7 email support

  • Forms

  • Advice/tips

  • $99 value

Get Help From A Coach - $399

Best for those who want hand holding.

  • Do It Yourself guide + the below

  • Expert help focusing you on what’s most important. It includes 4 sessions with a Closure Coach:

  • Session 1: Getting yourself organized

  • Session 2: What to do first

  • Session 3: The first 30 days

  • Session 4: Dealing with creditors

  • $650 value

Do It For Me - $899

Best for those who just want someone to do the work for them.

  • The perfect gift for someone who needs a lot of help.

  • 4 sessions with a Closure Coach

  • 10 hours of work on your behalf, which can be used to call banks, fill out paperwork, close accounts, etc)

  • $1,500 value



Survivor Testimonials

After suddenly losing my husband earlier this year I truly did not know where to begin. It was a blessing to have a list of key people and what they can be tasked with. The checklist helps to visually see not only what still needs to be done but what you’ve already accomplished. If you’ve lost a loved one, I highly recommend Survivor Resources. For me it is a necessity as I continue to navigate through this drastic life change.
— Adrienne
I ordered the General Guide for the widow of a friend who passed away recently and she said she has already started to use it. Her son recently left to go back to Florida so she is on her own to handle all the things we never think about. Thanks for putting this guide together it is truly a great resource to have.
— Mark
The checklist method is excellent, it gives a person a sense of accomplishment when there are so many tasks that have to be considered.
— Belinda