How Much Does An Obituary Cost?

On average an obituary can be between $0 and $600.

obituary example.jpg

Factors that affect obituary cost:

  • Length of text - consider this before you start writing
  • Photo - is black and white okay or do you want color?
  • Location/Publication (i.e. the LA Times vs. your local newspaper).* 
  • Day of the week - weekends are generally more expensive
  • How many days you want the obituary to run

Key parts of an obituary:

  • Name of deceased
  • Date of deceased
  • Names of deceased's family
  • Date and location of services
  • Info about flowers/donations


Why write an obituary?

  • It let's people know the person has passed, so they can come to the funeral.
  • It marks the person's death in history.


*Note your funeral home may be able to run one on their web site for free.